The Nessfit Fitwalker is the perfect addition to any group exercise programme within a health club or fitness centre Designed for the health club market the Fitwalker is built to be almost indestructible and provides an incredibly smooth motion at all levels of resistance. It has three manually adjustable elevations and when not in use the deck can be folded vertically for storage. When folded a Nessfit Fitwalker takes up less floor space than traditional Studio upright exercise bikes.

It is perfect for group exercise classes, used alongside or instead of spinning bikes, The nessfit FitWalker with no motor or electrical components means there is very little to break down. Whereby spinning bike classes require at least a minimum level of physical fitness to participate, the Fitwalker can be used by all ages and abilities, thus enabling a wider catchment of members to group fitness training sessions and thereby increasing the revenue stream to the club.


Fitwalker Classic

Frame Colour: Grey
Elevation Mechanism: Manual
(at base of treadmill)

Fitwalker Advanced

Frame Colour: Black
Elevation Mechanism: Auto
(via quick adjust handle near handle bars)


• A brand new and exciting concept to the UK already well established and proven in Europe.

• Can be used as a revenue stream in its own right.

• Due to its all inclusive nature the Fitwalker can be used by anyone and this means the benefits to you are:

   a) It’s the only group exercise class that the whole family can take part in at the same time.
   b) It will entice more of your existing members into your class program.
   c) It will bring in new members who would not normally participate in other high intensity classes.

• The treadmill folds for storage and takes up less space than a spin bike.

• No power source is required and is virtually maintenance free.


• 2 x large flywheels result in an exceptionally smooth and continuous motion.

• The heavy double flywheels provide remarkable stability and eliminates tipping when doing advanced moves such as stepping on and off the treadmill.

• Heavy duty, unobtrusive frame allows advanced moves to be performed safely.

• The Fitwalker Advanced is the only class treadmill with auto elevation.

• The Fitwalker Advanced was finalist in the innovative fitness equipment category at the 2011 FIBO trade show in Germany.


Fitwalker Classic

Set of 7 units  £8,500
Set of 11 units  £12,500

Fitwalker Advanced

Set of 7 units  £9,500
Set of 11 units  £13,500

Price includes delivery and installation, but excludes VAT

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The selection of Fitwalker video's will show you just how easy they are to use in a workout class environment and how accomodating they can be for any fitness level or age.

You will be able to see a sample of workouts instructed by Nessfit's italian trainer Hilaria in a group exercise class as well as demonstrations at the Rimini trade show in Italy and the LIW (Leisure Industry Week) in Birmingham.